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Terms & Condition of Service

Medic-Law Limited, a UK based company, provides advice and representation in professional matters to doctors and dentists in the UK.

The team is comprised of 3 levels of advisers, Senior Medicolegal Adviser, Senior Employment Adviser and Medicolegal Adviser. Any advice and representation is provided on behalf of the company. While each adviser has their unique expertise, in general the Senior Medicolegal Adviser handles more complex cases.  While the advisers function independently on a day-to-day basis, occasionally they consult each other where in their opinion that would be in the interest of a client.

The Senior Medicolegal Adviser is Mr Rajendra Chaudhary who also heads the team.


The company charges £200 per hour plus VAT for the Senior Medicolegal Adviser’s time. The company’s charge for Senior Employment Adviser is £150 per hour plus VAT and for the Medicolegal Adviser is £100 per hour plus VAT. Apart from preparation and delivery of written and oral advice and representation, the chargeable time includes time spent in meetings (with the client and/or with other professionals involved in the client’s case), telephone conversations and in writing and reading letters and emails.

Time spent in travelling in relation to the case is chargeable separately; for the Senior Medicolegal Adviser, this is at the rate of £100 per hour plus VAT, for the Senior Employment Adviser it is £75 per hour plus VAT and for Medicolegal Adviser at the rate of £50 per hour plus VAT.

Medic-Law provides 20 minutes of free initial consultation with the Medicolegal Adviser.

Charges and Payment

Advance Payments: The company charges in advance. The value of the advance payment is dependent on the expected volume of work. All subsequent payments for the services are to be made on the basis of monthly invoices. In the event that the balance on your account falls below a certain level or when there is large volume of upcoming work, we may ask you for an additional advance payment.

All advance payments are held on account and only deducted as and when the work is done; any balance is returned when the matter is concluded or the client decides that no further assistance is required.

Invoice Payments: All subsequent payments for the services are to be made on the basis of monthly invoices. All invoice payments are to be made within the standard 30 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise indicated. The Company reserves the right to charge interest1 and institute recovery of outstanding payments2.

All payments should be made to Medic-Law Ltd. The preferred means of receiving payment is by electronic transfer (account details will be provided upon request).

Refund and Cancellation

As the company charges in advance, all unused balance will be returned to the client within 15 working days of the matter being concluded. The money will be refunded by the same method that it was received (for example, by bank transfer, by refund to credit or debit card, etc). A refund of any unused amount will also be made if the client decides not to receive further services from us but in this case there will be an administration charge of £25 for processing the refund and this will be deducted from any refund due.


In case of any disagreement, the matter should be put in writing and addressed to Mr Rajendra Chaudhary who will provide the response; if Mr Chaudhary is occupied or the matter involves him directly then at his discretion he may ask one of the other members of the team to deal with the disagreement.

Alok Singh
For and on behalf of Medic-Law Limited

1 Interest may be charged at the rate of 8% over and above the Bank of England base rate on a daily basis if invoices are not cleared within the due dates.
2 The Company also reserves the right to pursue debt recovery procedures through Third Parties or Law Courts.